Refurbished Photocopiers

Save Money with Refurbished Photocopiers

As specialist in photocopiers we stock a range of refurbished photocopiers on rental, making it the ideal solution for a start up business who may find it difficult to get credit. Our Photocopier Store range of refurbed photocopiers have been put through our standard full service check; and then cleaned thoroughly and fitted with all new manufacture approved copier parts for guaranteed satisfaction.

Our refurbished photocopiers will perfectly suit any budget or requirements your business may have. We understand that as a business you’ll need a reliable and consistent copier machine but dependent on how much capital you have available or your put of by the high costs of new machines a refurbished photocopier is a an ideal solution.

Our Service to You

When choosing the Photocopier Store for your photocopier needs, the invoice will be a total price, however within that total price you will be billed for 2 different services.

  1. 1. Rental of the refurbished machine itself
    2. Copy plan

The price structure of our rental machines will be on a monthly basis, and once you’ve received your refurbished photocopier we offer a fully inclusive print system to keep your machine running frequently throughout your contract, charged on a cost per copy basis as a monthly payment plan.

What does the Copy Plan include?

Maintenance of the machine from our experience engineers
Over the phone support
Additional toners
New Drums – our engineers will come out to your business to fit new ones

When renting one of photocopiers, these consumables are imperative. The cost per copy system is where you’ll pay for each page you print, and prices will vary depending on if your printing just black and white or in colour.  Furthermore, your machine will let you know how many copies it has done and it will also tell you when your toner is running low. This makes your life easier so we will be able to tell and then send a replacement quickly so you don’t lose out on your printing needs.

If you would like to know about our range of refurbished photocopiers then why not get in touch today and speak to one of our friendly team. We can help to choose the right photocopier for your business requirements.

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