How to Avoid Paper Jams

What’s more frustrating then a paper jam. Don’t worry though are some very easy steps you can take to prevent this problem.

  1. 1. Keep Paper Stored in a Dry Paper Environment
    Paper will absorb moisture, so it’s best advised to position your paper away from kitchens etc, and be careful where you store printer paper. Moisture proof wrappers help keep paper from absorbing moisture or from drying out in storage. You’ll be able to spot if the paper becomes damp, as it will cause the pages to stick together which will inevitably cause paper jams.

2. Don’t Overload the Paper Tray
It’s pretty simple …if you try to fill the paper tray to capacity, it will prevent the ‘Feed Tires’ from properly picking up each sheet of paper and thus causing paper jams.

3. Regular Services
A regular service of your photocopier/printer will reduce jams, as a service will clean any paper dust that has built up on the rollers an sensors that can potentially cause problems when using the machine. Just

4. Avoid Low Grade Paper
It’s best to use a good quality paper with a good paper weight ( ideally 80 gsm) Every printer and photocopier machine comes with a standard minimum & maximum paper weight.

5. Avoid Pushing the Paper too Far into Tray
It may sound simple, but you’ll be surprised how many times people push the paper too far into the tray and is one of the most common causes of reoccurring paper jams in printers.

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