Floor Standing Photocopiers

Ideal for offices floor standing photocopiers are able to deal with larger volumes than desktop photocopiers, with the capability to print at higher speeds, whilst offering multi functionality including scanning, copying and faxing. The easy to use operational system of the photocopiers means there is no need for hours of learning. They also have great economic value.

Is a Floor Standing Photocopier right for you?

Do your research and be sure that the photocopier you’re buying is suitable for your business needs. If you need any expert advice, then our sales team can provide you with all the information you need about floor standing photocopiers, to helping you decide whether these size of machines will benefit your business.

What Options do I Have?

Save on capital by leasing your photocopier., which can be invested back into your business. Leasing gives you the flexibility to spread the cost of a machine over 3 or 5 years, and the perfect solution for businesses who don’t want to spend large amounts of money outright on a photocopier.

If your a start-up or a recently established business it can be difficult to predict how quickly your business will grow. That’s why we offer rental schemes that are beneficial for businesses¬† who may not have good enough credit to meet the requirements for a lease, but at the same time have a floor standing photocopier in the office. rental gives you the opportunity to add or upgrade your current rental photocopier.

If your a more established business or you’d rather purchase outright is our other option. People who pay outright may have a lot of investment into their business and ideal for those looking to reduce monthly outgoing costs.

Why Choose the Photocopier Store?

With over 27 year we have the expertise to help business choose the right photocopier for their needs. We have exceptional customer service and the customer always comes first. A family run business we take great pride in providing the very best products and aftercare service.

We offer a copy plan with every photocopier. This cost covers your maintenance, replacement of ink/toner and over the phone support. The savings you’ll make by purchasing a copyplan is certainly worth paying a little bit more on the machine for.

If you’d like any more information on our range of office photocopiers then contact us today.