Desktop Photocopiers Manchester

The Photocopier Store have been providing desktop photocopiers throughout Manchester for years, whether you are looking to lease, rent or buy we will have the perfect solution depending on your business needs.

Photocopier brands
We stock a wide range of multi-function photocopiers from Konica / Develop and Canon, these are the market leaders in photocopiers and offer solutions for your business needs.

The functionalities of our photocopiers differ depend on the model you pick, ranging from basic, multi-functional to advanced features. These factors rely on budget and usage, we can discuss your business need and make the right recommendation.

Photocopier Leasing
Leasing a photocopier is a great way to save capital for your business, by spreading the cost of a photocopier lease of a 3-5 years means you do not have to worry about any big upfront cost, which can help improve cash flow and helps keep tighter control of company finances.

Photocopier Rental
If you are a new start business you may not be certain of how quickly your business will grow and to what level, or your new company may not have a trading history which is often required for a competitive Lease. Many companies start with a rental machine and when they have a better idea of what their company really needs they can then upgrade to a lease at any time.

Why choose The Photocopier Store
The Photocopier Store was established in 1989 and have been providing the highest standards of service and care for the past 27 years.