Choosing a Photocopier – What Should I Consider

As with any major purchase, in this case photocopiers you’ll often ask yourself ‘what do I need to consider when choosing a photocopier’ and with so many models on the market and the advances in technology, photocopiers are still an essential piece of equipment for many offices, so can be quite tricky deciding what copier is best.

So to help you we’ve complied a list of what you should consider before investing in a photocopier:

Buy, Rent or Lease
It’s important to decide how you’ll acquire your new photocopier. Buying is the easiest option if you have the cash flow and will come with a warranty so at least your protected if any problems arise and your copier becomes faulty.

A more cost effective solution is leasing for a 3-5 year period. A flexible option that will allow you to upgrade or downgrade at any point during your contract.

Renting is more flexible than leasing with weekly, monthly, annual plans available. Although this is more expensive than leasing because you’re not committing to a long term contract.

What will you be using the printer for? Do you just require black and white print functionality or will you be needing a colour photocopier. How much will you be using the printer? Will you need A4 or A3 printer functions or both?

Print Volume
To help you determine the size and functions you’ll be needing in your new photocopier, if possible estimate the average number of pages you’ll be printing in order to help you find a copier that can handle high volumes if required without frequent toner changes. If you already own a copier you can use the machines meter to record the number of pages printed each week in order to estimate your volume.

Be aware, if you sign up for a service agreement at the time of purchase, you may be restricted via a limit to how many pages can be printed each month.

Copy Speed
Closely related to volume in the sense that the more documents that need to be printed, the quicker the photocopier needs to work in order to avoid a backlog and queues building up.

Multi functional photocopiers are essentially combined scanners and printers. Some photocopiers, like those with networking capabilities, can be used as high volume scanners which can be extremely useful for companies that  receive a lot of paper documentation that they wish to convert to digital format.

Multi function or Standalone
Will you be requiring a number of functions such as photocopying, printing, scanning to faxing if so then its best to choose a multifunctional photocopier that are capable of handling a variety of tasks.

Do you require stapling which is a common feature of photocopiers that support sorting. Although you can do this by hand, it can be very time consuming. Some high volume models of copiers are capable of stapling as well as sorting pages in the correct order. So it always best to identify the features you need.

If you need any help or advice to choosing a photocopier machine that’s right for your business then simply get in contact  and one of friendly team will be able to advise. Or if your prefer you can call us on 01772 822777 and we’ll make sure we get the perfect photocopier for you.