Benefits of Leasing a Photocopier

For any office small or big, photocopiers are essential items of equipment. The downside can be the costs associated with buying a photocopier. However leasing a photocopier provides the ideal solution when looking to invest in new photocopier by being a more viable and cost-effective option.

Providing several benefits, leasing a photocopier helps to spread the cost of an advanced and modern machine, thus making it more affordable whilst ultimately enhancing your business operations.

Benefits of Leasing a Photocopier

Advances in Technology
Opting to buy a photocopier outright may not always be the best choice as models can quickly become obsolete, with new advances and new models being brought to market. So potentially if this was to occur you would have paid a large sum of money for a piece of equipment that is no longer suitable for your requirements or has the capability to reach your growing business requirements. Leasing a photocopier reduces payments to a more manageable outgoing to suit your business needs.

Easy Upgrades
As your business grows you may need a newer model which operates at higher speeds and volumes if required. Leasing lets you upgrade as your needs changes ensuring you always have the most suitable photocopier for you business. Purchasing outright means you’ll have to invest in a newer model when it becomes obsolete and will depreciate in value.

Save Resources
Office equipment is a depreciating asset, it may be best to invest the money elsewhere into your business for a better ROI and use of resource.Look to invest into other areas of your business to grow or purchase businesses equipment that will appreciate and not deprecate in value over time.

Modern and technically advanced photocopiers now are capable of multi functionality from printing, scanning to faxing and colour printing all in one machine. Leasing a photocopier will be an asset to the office and can be used to replace any individual fax machines to desktop printers you may have.

By leasing a photocopier from us, you can also rest assured that you are receiving the very best print systems backed up by the highest levels of support from our team of highly trained engineers.

Leasing has been proven to be more cost-effective than photocopier purchase over a period of a few years, for a FREE no obligation quote get in contact with our team today.