Advice on Small Business Photocopiers

Any small business will often face restricted cash flow, thus limiting the budget they have available for everyday office supplies. However, a lack of funds does not mean a compromise on productivity and high performance equipment.

As photocopier specialists we have an extensive range of copiers ideal for all size businesses and you can decide to either lease or rent to suit your cashflow and business.

Many office photocopiers for smaller businesses still have great functionality and in the long run can work out more cost effective. A multi-function device that is capable of a variety of tasks (print, copy, scan & fax) can provide smaller businesses an affordable method. By choosing the right copier for your small or medium sized business, you can increase productivity and cut costs.

To help you get the best photocopier for you business see our handy tips below:

What features do you require?
One of the biggest features to affect price is copier speed. This feature is less important when there are only a few people who need to access the facilities. Think practical when shopping around, identify the functionalities you’ll need and find a printer that matches your select functionalities.

Small & Home Office Multifunctional Copiers 
Small business photocopiers now boast multifunctional capabilities as there larger predecessors: large floor standing photocopiers and referred to as MFP’s and have the ability to both copy and print.

This cross functionality means they are usually the most practical and best solution for a small business requiring both print and copy functions and give there network capability it allows staff to access the machine remotely, saving time space and money.

Black & White or Colour?
Determine what you’ll be using the printer for, will your require just simple black and white printing (monochrome) or will you require colour. There are many photocopiers on the market that allow you to do both and allow these can be quite costly we offer a number of rental and leasing deals to suit you.

However if your strictly printing black and white we also have a number of multi functional photocopiers all at an affordable price.

If you’re still unsure then check out our previous blog identifying the things you should consider before choosing a photocopier.